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Elem provides services of: Market Research and Marketing Consulting: Market Research and Marketing Consulting

Our services solve questions like:

  • Are you interested in developing a new business and you want to know if it is viable?

    It’s extremely important to consult potential consumers. This exercise is done with a structured and professional study that provides information to the decision maker in order to define if it’s a viable business.
  • Do you want to increase sales and require detecting market segments that need your products?

    There is always the possibility to develop new markets, find new consumers and focus efforts to that detected segment with right strategies for your business and reachable goals.
  • You are offered an advertisement campaign in certain media, and you want to know if it will be reflected in sales?

    To determinate the success of an advertising campaign, it is basic to match the target of the media with your product. It is also important, to test the message with the target, before start the campaign.
  • You have already a business and you want to open a branch, but don´t know where to open it?

    It’s important to measure the traffic flow, study the demography, socioeconomic area, and the target opinion, to analyze and define the ideal location
  • Are you planning to invest in a Real State development or touristic project and you need a viability study?

    There are financial feasibility studies and market viability studies. Market viability studies define the ideal location, the target and how much the target is willing to pay. The data collected feeds the financial study to obtain the feasibility of the project.

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